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Make headway in storage management and fulfillment operation with Egitech

Full Package Of Store Management


Platform Integration

Provide software solutions for multi-channel store management and fulfillment.


Product Listing Optimisation

Post and manage your product listings simultaneously on any platform.


Inventory Management

Keep track of goods in stock, shortages and sales returns across all sales channels.


Order Management

Make the process of receiving - picking - tracking - fulfilling orders easier to control.


Centralized Dashboard

Unify the team and overall monitor the business through a virtual workspace.


Advanced Report

Review your business sales and revenue with data-driven analysis and reports.

All-In-One Management Platform

Centralized Inventory Management

Manage your entire inventory and sales process comprehensively and in real time.

Unified Order Management

Manage the end-to-end sales process of all sales channels on a single platform.

Product Information Management

Manage and take control of your goods across e-commerce platforms.

Pricing & Promotions Management

Increase your revenue by actively managing the pricing and discounts in all channels.

Powerful Ecosystem Integrations To Empower Your Management

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