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Web Application Development Services

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Web Application Development

Web application development services at Egitech will help you build a modern, efficient, a successful platform that fully meets your demands. With a team of experts in web application development services, we have delivered many web-based applications that are high-performance, responsive, interactive, and mobile-friendly.


What We Provide


Static web application

A simple and non-interactive web application that only exhibits limited information or resources.


Dynamic web application

An engaging and interactive web app that receives users' input and shows live data based on it.


Portal web application

A secured web app provides specific data usually used for organizations, only allowing registered users.


E-commerce web application

An online store that allows you to manage products, take orders, and process online payments.


Content management system (CMS)

A platform that helps non-technical owners modify their websites using the admin panel.


Progressive web application

A cross-platform web application that gives users the fast experience of a native mobile app.

What You Receive

A feature-packed, high-performance, engaging, accessible, and user-friendly web application. A professional, proficient, and dynamic software engineer team who values the growth of your business. Dedicated customer support and maintenance.


How much does web application development cost?

The cost of Web application development depends on the difficulty and size of the project. However, Egitech offers fixed-price project model and helps you plan the project to meet your budget.

How long does a web application development project take?

The length of a Web application development project depends on the difficulty and size of the project. However, at Egitech, we have a team of professional and skilled software engineers available to help your project complete as quickly as possible.

Does Egitech consult and develop web applications from scratch?

Yes, we do web application development and consulting from A to Z. Just tell us your needs, and we can help you create a valuable application for your business.






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