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Web Application Development Services

Make your website, leverage your business with Egitech!

Web Application Development

Website is a must-have digital platform for every business in this era. A solid online presence will draw potential customers, and boost brand awareness. In this way, your business gets more leads and generates more revenue.

Yet, your website needs to be well-crafted to run lgooth and attract new audiences. All these platforms, standards, frameworks, tools and designs need an expert. Wasting too much time and money on an inapt website may hinder the growth of your business.


What We Provide


Expertise In Web Development

With skilful web developers and a quality-oriented developing process, we are capable of delivering the most impactful website for your business. We ensure the high quality and performance of the web by following a strict coding standard and a deep understanding of various platforms, standards, and frameworks.


Up-To-Date Technologies

Because the world's technology is constantly evolving, you do not want to let outdated technology hold your business back. That never happens to our clients. Egitech's team are always ready to update the latest knowledge and trends that benefit your business.



Our services are secure, stable, scalable and accessible from anywhere - at any time. We understand and are ready for your changing needs in the project. The world is changing from moment to moment, and so are the market's needs.

What You Receive

  • A feature-packed, high-performance, engaging, accessible and user-friendly web application.
  • A professional, proficient, and dynamic outsourcing team who values the growth of your business.
  • Dedicated customer support and maintenance.

Our Agile & Flexible Working Process

1. Takeoff Stage

This stage is the start of the project. We receive briefs and client requests and then have team meetings to analyze and find solutions. From those requirements and insights, we created the very first basic version.

2. Development Stage

We continue to develop your website step by step. In the process, we will regularly update and provide demos for you. We appreciate client feedback during this period.

3. Landing Stage

After completing the development and testing process, the web application will be finally verified by you to ensure the requirements are met. This stage is also known as deployment.

4. Support Stage

Once the solution website is deployed, we will continue to provide you with dedicated support with technical fixes and maintenance, as well as any other necessary updates.