Recruitment Consultant


Egitech - Expert Generation Insight in Tech, we provide tech solutions and expert engineering to our clients to help them build successful projects without expertise, especially in eCommerce, eLogistic, Fintech/Finance, and Blockchain. In Egitech, we believe you are an Expert and want to grow you as many experts as possible. So that every time we come we will proudly tell our customers that our staff is absolutely experts. We believe that you grow as we grow, your expertise means our levels expert.


  • Actively researching, approaching, and promoting Navigos Search’s high-quality services to candidates, current and prospective clients, analyzing their business and culture, their current and future recruitment needs
  • Developing and maintaining loyal business relationships with them aligning with our company and team business strategies
  • Choosing job vacancies that fit your experience and connections, then attract qualified candidates by preparing job descriptions/postings on, resume searching in our giant jobseeker database, using provided LinkedIn Recruiter


  • College Degree and above
  • At least 3 years experience in headhunting
  • Fluent in English, good interpersonal skills
  • Highly professional, sales-oriented
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