Java Tech Lead


Egitech - Expert Generation Insight in Tech, we provide tech solutions and expert engineering to our clients to help them build successful projects without expertise, especially in eCommerce, eLogistic, Fintech/Finance, and Blockchain. At Egitech, we believe you are an Expert and want to grow you as many experts as possible. So that every time we come we will proudly tell our customers that our staff are absolute experts. We believe that you grow as we grow, your expertise means our levels expert.


  • Analyze legacy code in order to support the team in understanding difficult logic, estimate development effort, to decide/clarify with the Swiss team the appropriate way to migrate the logic.
  • Manage a team of developers
  • Support the team in using in-house frameworks correctly and ensure it by doing code reviews.
  • Develop frameworks and code base.
  • Collaborate with Swiss architects to troubleshoot and resolve framework issues.
  • Maintain and resolve project environment issues: the legacy environment on Linux virtual machine, Jenkins, OpenShift.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science
  • Proficient communication skills in English
  • About 8-9 years of experience in Java web application development
  • Hands-on with coding
  • Excellent analytical skill
  • Willing to deep dive into source code of non-well-known programming languages, frameworks, tools
  • Has experience with Spring Boot, Hibernate, Angular, and continuous integration environment
  • Experience in leading a small team of developers is a plus
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