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Creating The Most Valuable
Technology Platform
for Your Business


Over one year of establishment, Egitech has become the trusted outsourcing partner of many companies in the region. Our mission is to bring the most valuable technology platforms to your business through our expert, professional, and ownership people & team.
By helping businesses achieve their goals, we're heading toward the vision of joining the top 100 most trusted software development outsourcing companies in 2030. Each business is a journey, Egitech understands that and decides to be a great partner of yours.



Fixed Cost Project

Working with us, you are free from worrying about the project's cost. From technical development, architecting, design and delivery, we will take the calculation and make sure it's fit your budget. We value transparency, equality, and professionalism in software development. No matter how much the budget is, we do the job with our regardfully.

Offshore Development Center

We assist you in building an ODC for your business, becoming a valuable extension of your team that is committed to your success. With this exceedingly powerful model, you can expand your long-term profitability by decreasing operating expenses through the utilization of our extensive software engineering capabilities and ability to scale as you grow.


From partnership to ownership, we'll build - operate - transfer your ODC smoothly and hassle-free. We are the pioneers of the BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) model in Vietnam, offering this service to clients with long-term plans to establish their development centers in the region as a crucial step in your global expansion goal.

Investment & Partnership Program

Make your amazing idea come true with us today without obstacles in technology capabilities or funding resources. We have a highly scalable team of software engineers and technology professionals that can help you in technical development and connect you with a network of investors and entrepreneurs in various industries.

Industry Experience

  1. We are a team of IT software developers in Viet Nam, with hands-on experience in technology development and industry knowledge.

  2. We paved the way for many businesses to grow with high technology capabilities and accelerate their digital transformation. With a wide range of industry knowledge, we know what you need to be successful in the market today.

  3. Working with clients who come from different industries, we continuously gain experience and a deep understanding of how to make your business thrive with our solutions.

Start-up Incubator



We offer a team of program managers, architects, and engineers "at cost', accepting the remainder of payment through allocating your start-up's equity. This model is ideal for start-ups with early financial backing. You can focus on using these resources to build the business's key aspects while having our professional team engineer your critical software through an agile development process.


Program Advantages

Providing more than just financial support, we get you skilled software engineers with a rich understanding of entrepreneurship to help. We offer an incubation service, where we provide the engineering resources you need to get you to market in a timely and effective manner.